Welcome to the 32nd Nordic Meteorological Meeting
(NMM32) in Helsinki!

"R E S E A R C H → S E R V I C E S"

Due to the coronavirus (covid-19) disease situation meeting
has been postponed and will be organized in June 2021.

If you already have registered and paid your registration fee,
or you have other questions regarding the meeting, please contact nmm32@fmi.fi
In principle, the paid registration fee will be valid also in 2021 unless you want to have it refunded.

The meeting is organized by the Finnish Meteorological Institute together with the Finnish Association of
Meteorology students called Synop and the Geophysical Society of Finland.
Every second year meteorologists from the Nordic countries get together in a meeting
in one of the Nordic countries.
This year meteorologists from the Baltic countries are also invited to the meeting.
The aim of the meeting is to provide an overview of the state-of-the-art in meteorology,
discuss problems and opportunities and exchange information on different meteorological topics.
The meeting is a great opportunity for researchers and operational forecasters to share
their knowledge and get to know each other.

Topics of this meeting are:

Contributions on all aspects of Nordic meteorology and climatology are welcome,
also those beyond the topics above.

Webpages will be updated continuously and further information about registration,
abstract and program are available here later.

NMM2020 organizing committee